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The Hermit

Your fingers curl around the sand beneath you. Moist and grainy at your touch. Smells and sounds that are familiar, yet not the same. Birds you've never heard before. A slightly different breeze. Something spicy lingers around the edges. An earthiness of a bark that you don’t know. A hint of lavender – ah, something familiar, at least.

But even the light here is a different kind of light here. Of a different colour and clarity. A different hue and transparency. A different frequency.

In come the tingling sensations in your heart and in your belly.

The Deep Knowing.

You can’t stay here. You need to move on. Slowly you crawl out. Your body following your watchful eyes. A crab out of its shell. A loud, echoing voice telling you to be careful, fearful, terrified. Bellowing low and thunderous: this is unfamiliar territory, what on Earth are you thinking!? Move back in, we don’t know it here!

It is that time again. A Great Change.

You washed up a new shore.

Now what?

As a hermit crab you took on another shell. Protecting your soft and tender parts. And it served you well. Past tense. Not anymore. You learned your lessons in this home. It doesn’t suit you anymore. The size. The shape. The colours.

What you thought was it, now is … just not exactly it. What felt like paradise before, or safe, or unpleasant-but-at-least-it’s-what-I-know, now just feels off. All sorts of wrong in all the right places.

That tint of green just pains your eyes. Brings up a pang of agitation. That sharp angle there pins down your chest and it’s getting harder to breathe.

Do you mould yourself to fit?

What if it aches you? What if it shrinks you? What if it pains you? What if it breaks you?

You’re not sure. In fact, you think you have no idea. And you crawl back. After all – it’s not all that bad. You could make this work.

If you cut off this part of you, and reframe that, and just pretend that part isn’t there at all. “Yes. Yes I think we’re fine. We’re good here. Let’s just stop complaining. I’m just making things up. Nothing’s the matter. We’re being difficult. Yes, difficult and needy. I’m sure that with a little paint, and if we brush this under the carpet, and add an extra this, and another completely and utterly unnecessary that…”

You’re right in the middle of your beautifully orchestrated Great Denial when a soft and gentle voice whispers. Nothing more than a soft rustle, a voice of wind through leaves: sshhh. No worries love.

“No worries. We’ve been here before. It’s safe. That shell was just a shell. It’s not who you are.

You’re here to explore.

Come and see for yourself. It’s another chapter of something else. Something wider, something wilder, something lighter, something more colourful and brighter. Even if it’s not always comfortable. Did you notice you're holding your breath? That's what makes it so uncomfortable. Exhale, dear. You're safe. And you’re coming closer with each step. You know where to go. You know what to do. Feel into your curiosity. Your urge to discover. Step out. Pause. Listen. Don’t rush. That’s it.”

What if you left your temporary house behind

The one that doesn’t fit quite right

The one that’s weighing you down

Your safety net

Your old shell?

Who and what do you take with you? What do you let go, let stay, let be? What parts of you?

Don’t leave to run and hide – but change if you must.

And who knows – maybe this, your, specific shell is able to grow with you. You won’t know until you ask. “I feel the need to… I feel called to… I would like to try… to experience… to expand… will you grow with me? Move, explore, and go with me? Or do we part ways here? Maybe meeting in a different way, a different time, a different place, a different life?”

Come out and see the world with brand new eyes.

Even if your skin feels rough around the edges.

Tender, raw and vulnerable. Bare and naked.

Open mind and open heart. An unpainted canvas.

You gather courage under your arms, take a last look behind you - ruffled rug with things you tried to hide, a half painted wall at an attempt to make things work, but that cringing tinge of green still shining through it - and know you gave it your all. It was a beautiful home. But it's not Home.

You step out like the Hermit – lantern lifted. Veils lifted. Eyes open. Gaze at the horizon. Truth found within.

Searching for beauty, knowledge, wisdom, finding and creating it in your own way. In your own pace.

And in that authentic, sometimes solitary place you find the others.

Another shore. Another shell. A different home that fits just right.

For now.

And who knows how long that now might last.

Who knows - maybe until forever.

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