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Days for Surrendering




Some days

Oh. Some days.

Some days, love, you need to fight grab your armor, dust it off pick up all the parts of you and go in for the kill.

Some days you must not rest your head before your enemies will

Some days you need to grit your teeth ward them off and stand your ground firmly push your luck and boundaries and not withdraw at any sound

Some days you need to tear the flesh, lay bare the bones and shed the blood and stand from dusk till dawn Yes - (really?) Surely - (truly?) Well, maybe -

some days. Yet others

not so much

Some days, love you may lay down your head,

your armors and look back at the battle fields you've crossed look behind you at the remnants of all the lives you shed and left - not lost

Some days, love you may simply let it go, and let it be spread your arms out open wide to surrender and release all the conflicting parts of you and let the pieces fall circling sinking dancing as whirl winds to the ground

Some days you feel the battle rising up and overwhelm you empower you like storms and raging gales and thunder bolts Some days, you need to hold right then and there where you were struck

simply sink towards the ground and

sit wait rest retreat

watch how the dust particles gradually settle slowly, surely, softly and recognize that

you were here before you pulled your swords and fought here before you bled and marched and suffered here, before and do you remember love? You also triumphed here before hell, you held a victory march - or ten, a thousand, trillion small and larger victories -

right here, before

and some days

yes, some days

Some days, love, just knowing that

is enough to win,





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