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A Lion's Heart

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

We are right in the middle of her.

Lion's gate.

Can I get a fuck yes?! Not that we don't get her glory every year, but this certainly is a feisty one. Collectively, and for me personally as well. Parts of me have been - and some still are - in deep process and in hiding for a long time now. In workmode more often than not. At times feeling overworked, overstimulated, and with little energy or gusta left to write. Or at least, that's what I've been telling myself. Even while knowing perfectly well that we become the stories that we feed ourselves.

Fortunately we aren't here to be perfect, but to unfold and (un)learn. To unravel our patterns and weave new tapestry. Fortunately, nothing in this wild journey of being and becoming ever stays the same. And my oh my how things are moving and shifting right now. Upon returning home after an amazing, transformative ten days - having given myself the gift of a plant dieta with the Noya Rao, something I will gladly elaborate on some time later - I woke up in the middle of the night at 02:02 sharp. And felt called to write the message below in one sweet go.

My gift to you. Whether or not the term lion's gate rings any bells, whether or not it's a fuck yes, or perhaps something more like: what the fuck is she talking about?

Either way, perhaps these words resonate. If you are reading this, perhaps some part of you needed to hear them.

I hope they bring little news - but do function as a reminder and anchor for your soul.

Whisper. Write Rise. Roar.

More than ever we are called to step into our power. To follow, grow and nurture love, passion and purpose. To trust and have faith, yet take positive action at the same time. To become aware of our patterns and addictions, to shed light on, shed, and heal them.

Not surface-layer, but all the way down into the muddy basement. No shoving dust under the carpet anymore. It's time for some radical Marie Kondo clean-ups.

Time to follow our highest joy, practice and keep a positive attitude, and simply choose love. Over and over and over.

What are the changes and transitions you have been keeping off? Old, itchy skin that really doesn't fit you anymore, but that you keep putting back on because you're just so used to them? Because of all the possible uncomfortable reactions and rejections and projections of other people? Because of the fear and anxiety it conjures up to take them off and stand there -

naked as you came, radiating vulnerable, butt naked, wickedly beautiful truth?

If you've been revisiting old aches and pains and all the anxiety, grief, sadness or anger with that, know that it is only so you can finally really let that shit go.

Maybe it already feels like weight has been lifted. I wholeheartedly hope so. And if you've been feeling all the growing pains and insecurities with new things on the horizon - babe, I'm right there with you. Things truly are shifting. And if you feel you need a lion's courage to have what it takes to move through, above and beyond all this, please remember this.

There is good reason the root word for courage is 'le coeur' - French for 'the heart'.

The heart is the seat of love, passion and courage.

Courage is a muscle.

You are not meant to act only as soon as you have gathered the courage to do so. Wait and it might never happen. Courage doesn't grow before you do. It grows because you do.

Take the leap and build your wings on the way down, darling. The one you will become will catch you, daringly sweeping you off your feet as you spread your wings and soar.

What things are you called to let go of? Jobs, places, people, relationships? Where are you being called up? Where have you been hiding? What have you been hiding for? Where is your heart pointing to? What adventure does she want you to step into?

What feels exciting and expansive? A little scary, maybe - but underneath that joyful, meaningful, beautiful, fulfilling?

Your emotions are your guidelines.

Your red flags and your lighthouses.

Change course if needed and set your sails consciously.

If you've been feeling lost and confused about where to go next, align with what brings you joy and peace of heart. Butterflies in your stomach. A smile on your face. Lightness to your thoughts. And if your mind is tirelessly chattering and the words are hindering, not helping you - It. Is. Not. Truth.

Remember that where attention goes, energy flows. Why the fuck amplify fear and worry?! The time of self-torture is over. That shit is sooo 33 AD.) You do not have to carry any more crosses. Stop loading them onto yourself. This is not the kind of heavy lifting that makes you stronger. It's not the kind that helps you help others.

You can stand straight now and lift your head, love.

Know that you are carried, and that you do not have to carry everything yourself. We're all in this together. Trust, trust, trust. That everything will turn out for the highest good of all and everything in the long-term.

But, really. You can forget all of the above if you just remember this one thing.

Stop, drop, and love the shit out of everything.

Yourself. Others. Earth. Life.

And to love like that takes practice. It takes repeated actions and words and intention and attention and presence. Choosing over and over again to shift your focus from coldhearted fear to compassion and gratitude and the warmth of your soul.

It may be small as a foetus at first. But if you water it, tend to it, like a mother to her babe... it will grow. Take care of yourself so that you can take care of others. Fill your own cup. Do you. Allow your self-love to bring you joy and creativity and fulfilment so rich it will start overflowing.

There comes a point when there's no other way than to express yourself. Whether with words or with silence. Stick to and speak your truth.

Whisper, write, rise, roar.

With Leo as the sign of will and purpose, take the time to think about your goals and ambitions. Do they reflect what's in your heart? Your passions and authentic desires?

Grow the courage to live your life true to yourself. Without masks or pretense. With enthusiasm and optimism. A healthy dose of crazy, wild and wonderful. Safe in the knowledge that you are loved and supported.

Naked as you came.

Radiating butt naked, beautiful truth. With a lion's strength and spirit. The sun on your side.

Reminding you to always, always, keep shining bright.

It is your birthright.

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